copper composite panel

Name:copper composite panel
Metal TypeCopper
Grade of CopperT2
Thickness of Copper Skin0.3mm or 0.5mm
Composite Panel Thickness4mm
CoreMineral filled FR core
Panel width600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Panel length1000mm to 5800mm

Product Detail

As an architectural metal, copper composite panel provides excellent corrosion resistance. Copper surfaces form tough oxide-sulfate patina coatings that protect underlying copper surfaces and resist corrosion for a very long time.

copper composite panel corrodes at negligible rates in unpolluted air, water, de-aerated non-oxidizing acids, and when exposed to saline solutions, alkaline solutions, and organic chemicals. Copper roofing in rural atmospheres corrodes at rates of less than 0.4 mm in 200 years.

Unlike most other metals, copper composite panel does not suffer from underside corrosion that can cause premature failures in roofing. With a copper roof, supporting substrates and structures usually fail long before the copper on the roof.

Architectural copper panel is, however, susceptible to corrosive attack under certain conditions. Oxidizing acids, oxidizing heavy-metal salts, alkalissulfur and nitrogen oxidesammonia, and some sulfur and ammonium compounds can expedite copper corrosion. Precipitation in areas with a pH less than 5.5 may corrode copper, possibly before a patina or protective oxide film has the time to form. Acidic precipitation, known as acid rain, is due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion, chemical manufacturing, or other processes that release sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphereErosion corrosion may occur when acidic water from a non-copper roof that does not neutralise the acidity, such as tile, slate, wood, or asphalt, falls on a small area of copper. Line corrosion can occur if the drip edge of an inert roofing material rests directly on copper. A solution to this may be to raise the lower edge of the shingles with a cant strip, or to provide a replaceable reinforcing strip between the shingles and the copper. Proper water-shedding design and detailing, which reduces the dwell time of acidic water on metal surfaces, can prevent the majority of atmospheric corrosion problems.

A copper weather vane as an architectural element

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, alkalis, and organic acids. In some potable waters and in seawater, however, brass alloys with 20% or more zinc may suffer corrosive attack.
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