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copper composite panel specificationfor cladding

copper composite panel available size:

1, copper width: 800mm, 1000mm

2, copper lenght: any length that you are requiring is possible

3, copper composite panel thickness: 2mm 3mm 4mm up to 10mm

4, copper composite panel core material: Polyethylene or FR Mineral

 copper composite panel advantage:

Becuase of the panel is being laminating from a balanced composite, comparing to copper solid panel, copper composite panel is extremely flat and rigid. With only 0.5mm or 0.3mm copper thickness, it can save the cost a lot.

Meanwhile, copper composite panel is in sanwich structure, bottom is aluminum, that makes the fabrication easy, just like aluminum composite panel, contractor can do the fabrication at site.

Copper is an active material, when expose to the air, it will be oxidized. In this way, copper composite panel finish looks different every year untill it is patina, about 20 years later.

In big sheet with few joint. Copper composite panel can be in big sheet of 1000x5800mm while no need of any joint.

Copper composite panel can reach fire resistant up to A2 level, including Class B1.

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