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Copper cladding India Copper composite panels for facade & roofing 4mm

Copper cladding India Copper composite panels for facade & roofing

Design the extraordinary with striking copper natural surfaces

Bolliya facilitates outstanding solutions for modern architecture by bringing the world’s best to your doorsteps. Bollicopper, a brand name trusted world around for quality, durability and long-lasting beauty of copper cladding and copper composite panel for India market can now enhance the aesthetics of your building. 

Copper cladding and copper composite panel for India market is an amazing material; Enormous possibilities with amazing strength and special suitability for all applications from free form designs using same fabrication method like ACP cladding to roofing of large areas. A completely recyclable material, Copper cladding and copper composite panel for India market is an outstanding choice of material for roofing and façade cladding. 

Showcase your finesse for achieving excellent visual effects with Bolliya, available in both Façade grade and roofing grade. A range of Copper cladding and copper composite panel for India market materials and systems endow unparalleled look and performance to wall cladding and roofing solutions. Download the product catalog to read more about the size and other specifications

Copper facades from Bolliya come to life and become even more beautiful over time. Enquire now to Witness the ever-changing spectacle of interactions the copper surface cladding on your building has with the light and weather!


Benefits of Copper cladding & Copper Composite Panel

1.   Superb panel flatness giving possibility of using large-span cassette when installing the facade because of the sandwiched structure of Copper composite panel

2.   Lightweight. The sandwich core of copper composite panel is a LDPE core which greatly reduce the weight of panel when comparing to solid copper sheet.

3.   Excellent workability and formability, copper composite panel performs well between of -30 to +80degrees, and can be processed and fabricated conveniently by same tools used for ACM.

4.   Highly versatile with a variety of colours and weathering effects by using Copper composite panel

5.   Cost effective and adds value and desirability to developments by using Copper composite panel

6.   100% recyclable, non-toxic material with high recycled content  from Copper composite panel

7.   100+ year life expectancy

8.   Maintenance free –Copper composite panel is self-cleaning with natural rainfall.


Please have a look at our project references to have direct understanding how stunning effect that our copper composite panel can achieve. You can also visit our main website to more some more about our stainless steel composite panelcopper composite panel, titanium-zinc composite panel and aluminum composite panel.


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